Aviation fuel AVGAS 100LL

For over twenty years, our company has been capable of selling aviation fuel AVGAS 100LL, 7 days a week at the local Warsaw-Babice airport. In 2004 we granted a license enabling us to sell aviation fuel, this certificate confirms that our fuel exceeds the requirements set by strict regulations.

In our competitive offer, you will find fuel with tax as well as without it.

Fuel with TAX

Accessible for everyone that does not have the ability to purchase fuel without tax. Its price for one liter is increased about 1822 PLN per ton, which is around 25 percent more expensive than the regular price.

Fuel without TAX

Accessible to the entities that have the right to purchase fuel without tax and is verified by the civil aviation authority. The ability to purchase fuel without tax is regulated by Art. 57 act from December 6th 2008.