This certificate allows our company to operate particular aircraft, in order to perform complicated flights that often require special equipment and a rich aviation experience. Examples of potential services are listed below:

  • Patrolling flights

    Inspecting gas pipes, energy and power lines, communication and telephone lines, and even potential fire lookout flights.

  • Agriculture flights

    Field spraying by the use of specialized equipment mounted on aircraft, as well as dropping animal vaccines.

  • Fire-Fighting flights

    Specially equipped airplanes and helicopters with the ability to drop fire-extinguishing liquid.

  • Photogrammetry flights

    Aircraft used for geodesy, mapping, and structural engineering, by creating documentation based on photographs done by a special camera attached on an aircraft.

  • Advertisement flights

    Aircraft used for advertisements, research, cultural, and even filming from bird-eye viewpoint.

  • Other Services

    Flights that require the use of an aircraft for a specialized task that requires particular equipment and permits.

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