Many service and repair stations offer work with varying quality depending on their level of experience and certificates possessed. The greatest achievement for a general aviation service station is to receive a PART-145 certificate, which dictates the highest and most stringent standards that resemble the quality of work done in the airlines. IBEX-UL has been in possession of this certificate since 2008. In care for your wellbeing we do not cut corners or accept anything that would compromise safety.

We are well aware of the fact that a safe flight starts well before we line up on the runway and push the throttles forward. Safe and successful flying starts at the maintenance hangar, where true professionals with the use of the best equipment on the market take care of your aircraft as if it would be their own.

In addition to the works done on Cessna aircraft, as a PART-145 certificate holder, we are fully capable of doing complex maintenance on other aircraft under the general aviation category. We are able to do regular scheduled checks, as well as special repairs and alterations of parts.

In order to acquire more detailed information, please contact our following representatives:

Andrzej Kacprzak: +48 506-188-816
Łukasz Wojdyło: +48 506-188-820