Challenge yourself and spread your wings!

If you ever dreamed about sitting behind the flight controls of a small general aviation aircraft or starting a long lasting aviation career, our offer is the perfect option for you!
Every pilot, including airline pilots, aerobatic pilots or even medical helicopter pilots started their careers with enrolling in a private pilot course and acquiring their private pilot licenses. This enabled them to start flying for private use and pleasure.

Additional ratings such as the Multiengine license (ME) or the Instrument Rating (IR), as well as accumulating beneficial flight time enable the fresh private pilot to build experience and use it in many various ways. The experience built by increasing flight time, opens up the ability to acquire a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

A vast amount of pilot’s end up in the cockpits of airliners or private planes however others spend their professional time as aerobatic pilots showing complicated maneuvers during air shows or competitions. However none of this would be possible if they haven’t started the basic flight training. Thus, don’t wait and sign up today!

Airplane Flight Training
  • PPL( A) Airplane Private Pilot license
  • CPL( A) Airplane Commercial Pilot license
  • Training on multiple aircraft
  • ME Multi-Engine Pilot license
  • IR (A) Airplane Instrument rating
  • FI (A) Airplane Flight Instructor rating
  • Flight Reviews
Helicopter Flight Training
  • PPL (H) Helicopter Private Pilot license
  • CPL (H) Helicopter Commercial Pilot license
  • Type Rating for Mil Mi-2
  • Type Rating for Robinson R-44