Commercial Pilot’s License

You already posess a private pilot’s license; therefore you are well aware that your hobby is not a synonym to cheap activities. After every flight your wallet becomes thinner and lighter by a couple hundred PLN. Do you want to turn your situation around and instead of paying to fly, get paid to fly? Well, you will have to invest a little more into your experience and acquire a commercial pilot’s license CPL(A).

The first step to the CPL(A) involvesmore training flights including circuits around the airfield as well as cross-country navigation flights. In the second step, the applicant learns how to successfully and safely fly the airplane in instrument meteorological conditions solely by referencing the flight instruments.

Our new program gives you the ability to combine your commercial pilot’s flight training with multi-engine flight training, with the final outcome of a Multi-Engine Piston land MEP(L) license and the CPL(A).