Instrument Rating

If your goal is to become a fully functional and appreciated pilot, with the ability to fly in virtually all weather conditions, the next step in your aviation career is to acquire an Instrument Rating IR(A). Our courses give you the possibility to obtain this “priceless” rating at a very competitive price. With the current JAR-FCL 1 regulations we are able to provide you with the highest level of training in a flight training device FNPT II.

In order to obtain the Instrument Rating, an applicant has to “fly” a minimum of 35 hours in the flight training device and 15 hours in an actual single-engine aircraft (Cessna 172 or Cessna 177). After passing the official check-ride with an LKE examiner, you have the possibility of expanding your IFR rating from single-engine aircraft up to multi-engine aircraft. All you need to do is fly 3 hours in the FNPT II and 2 hours in an actual multi-engine airplane.