Private Pilot’s License – PPL(A)

This is the first step in your long aviation career, however it is definitely a big one. Acquiring this license enables you to do a variety of wonderful things. Firstly, it gives you the possibility of flying in good weather conditions, fly all around Poland and even hop over borders. Not only can you land on small airfields, but also you are more than welcome to join the club of airliners and fly into large international airports. More importantly, you can take your family or perhaps a friend to experience the same joy that flying has to offer. Last but certainly not least, this license gibes you the ability to further increase your knowledge of aviation and acquire higher licenses such as the CPL(A), IR(A), MEP(L), or the ATPL(A). The only negative aspect of your private pilot’s license is that you cannot get paid or compensated to fly.

Ground School – Theoretical knowledge
The ground school for the private pilot’s license is encompasses 9 subjects (Air Law, Aircraft general knowledge, Aircraft performance, Human-Performance, Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Operational procedures, and Communications)

Flight Training – Practical application of knowledge
In order to complete the PPL course and receive an official license an applicant has to fly 45 flight hours in a JAR FCL-1 approved airplane. The number of hours required for the PPL reduced to 35, if an applicant has experience on a different aircraft (Helicopter, glider, ultra-light airplane). After completing both the theoretical and practical courses, the last step before receiving the license is an exam with an official examiner.

The flight training for the PPL(A) is done in the Koliber 150. It is a very simple yet great 150 horsepower low-wing training aircraft. If you wish to do your flight training in a high-wing airplane, we have a Cessna 172 waiting for you.