Ground School at

Your dreams of acquiring a pilot’s license start on the ground, with theoretical training – that’s a requirement.  If you don’t want to waste your valuable time, and priceless nerves in order to find all the resources required to gain invaluable knowledge of aviation, go to UnitedSky on ul. Ksiezycowa 3 at the bemowo airport. In a comfortable and air-conditioned classroom you will excel in various subjects of aviation with state of the art audio and visual equipment software. Furthermore, the ability to visit IBEX’s hangar, explore the technical aspects of aviation by first hand, and be under the supervision and guidance of the best instructors in their particular subject areas, you will truly get the best aviation experience one could hope and dream for.

A portion of the ground school is done through e-learning with the use of computers. The last EASA visit, confirmed the high level of learning and professionalism that is present on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the pass rate for the subject examinations adds up to the high standard of training that one will receive at UnitedSky. The number of students that go through our program and their success, positions our training center as number one in the nation. That’s about all in a nutshell. The decision is yours.  Don’t waste an opportunity to get closer to your aviation dreams.

Thanks to a variety of offers and programs, each and every one of you can acquire and develop knowledge about different aviation subjects, which will be invaluable during flight training.

Don’t wait! Visit our website and start building your aviation career.

If you require any additional information about the courses, schedule, etc. you may contact our lovely Ania Bruzda, telephone number: +48 501 409 787