Anniversary super deal!!!

Flight training up to the private pilot’s license PPL(A) comes with a very attractive and competitive price!!!
With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that in 2013 IBEX-UL is celebrating its 20th anniversary. With great gratitude to the Polish aviation society, we would like to celebrate our anniversary by offering a wonderful present to our students – PPL(A) ANNIVERSARY SUPER DEAL flight training with exceptional conditions.

How will you benefit when you decide to part take in this special Anniversary Super Deal?

  • Anniversary Super Deal in IBEX-UL is the only offer available for complex training up to the PPL(A) without additional costs and hidden requirements.
  • You will not be surprised by additional costs (instructor cost per hour, fuel, airport fees, internal examinations, individual costs), or ay uncomfortable situations.
  • You will be under the guidance of a selection of the best instructors in Poland, which will guide you through the theoretical and practical training – 20 years of safe flying is the best example of professionalism and true commitment by our flight department.
  • Your first flights will be done on nothing but perfect airplanes – every aircraft that is operated by the IBEX FTO is serviced under our certification, which gives us the ability to keep the highest standards and quality which leads to greater safety.
  • You won’t have to drive far, all flight training will be done at the local Warsaw-Babice airport.

Don’t wait, contact us today and benefit from our outstanding Anniversary Super Deal!

Contact Us:

Anna Bruzda |  | +48 501-409-787
Irena Kolewa |  | +4822 864-52-47

The deal package includes complex flight training up to the private pilot’s license PPL(A) and encompasses:

  • Ground School course – 100 hours of lectures conducted by the best aviation experts in the nation. The activities will be held 6 times during weekends with the total price o 1200 PLN*.
  • Flight training – 45 flight hours done in the Koliber PZL 150, with a price of 396 PLN* per flight hour including the instructor fee.

Package price is 19,020 PLN without tax (23,395 PLN with tax), and all additional costs related to flight training are included (in-house theoretical exam, individual consultations, fuel, airport fees).

In order to sign up for the Anniversary Super Deal, you will have to sign an agreement with the IBEX FTO before beginning the theoretical portion of the flight training.
The full payment may be split into three repayments:

  • First –before beginning he theoretical ground school course – 3,000 PLN
  • Second – before beginning the practical flight training course – 10,395PLN
  • Third – after completing 20 flight hours – 10,000PLN

* net prices