In order to book a flight, the only action one must take is to fill out an electronic form supplied on the right. A representative from our company will contact you as soon as it will be possible (usually preparing an offer does not take more than an hour). If time is on the essence, after sending the booking form, you can directly contact our representative using the phone numbers provided:

Waldemar Zdziebłowski: +48 506-188-819

Wiesław Kapitan: +48 506-188-805

After analyzing the needs for the particular flight, we will send out a rubric filled out with specific costs for the whole service. After accepting the calculated cost, the only action needed is a simple confirmation via email or fax.

An example of the cots for a particular flight can be found in this tab.

Flight Inquiry Form

We’re looking forward to seeing you on board of our planes !!!