Mazury, just one flight away…

Mazury is one of the most beautiful places one can visit, its countless number of wonderful lakes and crystal clear air give the possibility for an unforgettable opportunity for leisure. Why don’t we spend our free time during weekends, enjoying the beautiful views that Mazury have to offer? The answer is very simple, yet sad. The time it takes for a drive from the center or south of Poland, accounting the horrible traffic, dims the excitement that a weekend at this heavenly place has in its disposal.

However, IBEX TO THE RESCUE!!! By using our aircraft, we can transport you from Warsaw to Mazury in just ONE hour. If flying from the south, for example from Krakow or Katowice, the flight time will only be TWO hours. Flying in full comfort, enjoying the unforgettable views, there is no better way to start a weekend full of leisure at Mazury.

Only a hand full of people know that there are more than 10 airfields all around the beautiful lakes of Mazury that our aircraft are suitable to fly into.

IBEX offers transport by air, in small general aviation aircraft, to all of the Mazury airfields. By using our Cessna 182 or Cessna 206 we will fly your family (and a reasonable amount of luggage) to your destination, in amazing relaxation, and land at an airfield right next to the lake.

You will be surprised how beautiful the landscape of Mazury really is, especially when looking at it from a birds-eye-view. Before you realize, you will be on the lake, ready to start the perfect weekend…

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