Come fly with us !!!

Do you value your time?

Do you have to be in various places at once?

Our company will stop the time from running away.

IBEX is an aviation company with 20 years of rich aviation experience. It is our experience that gives us the possibility to fly you anywhere you wish, in virtually all weather conditions. We have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) that guarantees the highest level of safety. Flying in our aircraft gives a wide range of capabilities in comparison to regular airline flying:

Why Air Taxi?
  • You choose the destination, with the ability to modify the route as necessary
  • You choose the time of departure
  • If needed, the time of departure can be rescheduled for a time of your preference
  • On many airports, we use executive terminals that increase comfort and cut down the time spent at the airport
  • After landing, you do not wait for your luggage
  • You choose what catering you wish to have onboard
  • If you become our regular customer, you will benefit from a variety of discounts
Contact us now!

Waldemar Zdziebłowski: +48 506-188-819

Wiesław Kapitan: +48 506-188-805

Irena Kolewa: +48 728-339-694

How to fly Economically?
  • flying with 3 or 4 passengers has a minimal impact on the overall cost of the flight in comparison with a flight carrying only one passenger,
  • the cheapest Air Taxi option for a flight from start to finish is a flight that starts and ends at our local airport Warsaw-Babice. This eliminates the additional “empty leg” flight costs,
  • if your stay extends for more than 2 days, it is worth considering the possibility for our crew and aircraft to wait for you at the destination,
  • if weather permits, we recommend the use of unpaved airfields, which cut down on the airport facility costs,
  • if you are flying from or to Warsaw, we recommend using our local Airport Warsaw-Babice instead of Okecie International Airport, simply due to a cost savings of around 2,000 PLN.

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